DDB honors our active military and veterans for their service to our country.  Thank  you for serving.  We are here to assist you and offset your expenses for infant disposable diapers, and baby food.  Please call 239-288-6209 and let the person answering the phone that you are active military or veteran.  You will need a local photo ID, proof of active military status, or DD214 if a Veteran.

Thank you for allowing us to give back to you.


Bringing freedom and quality of life, one diaper at a time.

Newborn and Size 1 Infant Diapers.

Each day our first response officers, (sheriff, police, fire, & rescue) lay their lives down to protect our community.  DDB believes in giving back to those who serve. Each month you are invited to receive a package of disposable infant diapers, & baby food.  For pick up location and times, call 239-910-8198.  Please bring your badge or other showing that you are a first response officer.   Thank you for what you do each day to keep us safe.

First Response Officers

​Destiny Diaper Bank knows that some moms have not been able to prepare for the birth of their new baby and are in need of diapers and other baby supplies.  If you are that mom in need, call or text 239-910-8198 to schedule an appointment to receive your mommy gift package.  You will need local photo ID, birth document of baby, WIC.  Tuesday - Friday 10-4.

​​​​​​​​Special Needs Children / Youth ages 5-20

Adults & Seniors

Our adults & seniors are some of our most fragile and vulnerable people that we serve.  It is difficult to imagine your parents in a health situation depending on these supplies and not being able to purchase them.   Their expenses for incontinent supplies can cost them around $200. - $300. a month. I have heard from some that they have had to choose between food and incontinent supplies at times when their need has increased due to health challenges.   Most of our adults and seniors depend on Destiny Diaper Bank for their supplies each month.

To qualify for supplies, we need

  • proof of low income such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, Letter of Assistance from the state, or referral from healthcare provider. 
  • a prescription or referral from your healthcare provider signifying need for supplies.  You can also ask your healthcare provider if they will give us this information over the phone.  With your approval, we can verify this information quickly.
  • ​Local photo ID


If products are to be picked up by someone other than the person in need, approval from Destiny Diaper Bank must be made in advance.

Our special needs children & Youth that are in need of incontinent supplies need to have a birth certificate, physicians prescription, and parents local photo ID.  The parents of these children can sometimes use our help.  Their children in most situations have to attend school and provide the school with their needed diaper supplies.  These expenses can become quite overwhelming already to a family that could have a lot of financial challenges.  Help Destiny Diaper Bank to eliminate the pain of this financial burden.

​​​​​​Active Military & Veterans

 Referral Agencies

Saint John XXIII Villas
Ft Myers Presbyterian Community
Salvation Army

United Way

Lutheran Services

Lehigh Acres Community Services

Elder Care Of Lee County

Sr. Friendship Center