THANK YOU    HUGE diaper drive

​                                                                                                                                                                  10.000 diapers


Arc of Life Family Spinal Care

26731 Dublin Wood

Bonita Springs, Fl. 34135


Dr. Drew Clark and his wife Dr. Kanema Clark

Arc of Life Family Spinal Care, 6731 Dublin Woods Cir. Ste 2, Bonita Springs, Florida, 239-200-7248 is holding a diaper drive and "Your Change Will Make A Change" bottle drive.

Dr. Drew and Dr. Kanema's goal to collect 10,000 diapers for babies and seniors in need was met. The week of Aprill 10 Destiny Diaper Bank drove their truck to Bonita Springs to pick up the diapers collected at Arc of Life Family Spinal Care site.  On that morning close to 4,000 diapers were loaded on the truck with another 6,600 to be collected at a later date.  

Serving the whole family. Changing a generation and bringing quality of life, one diaper at a time!

 Business/Organization Baby Bottle Sponsors

Destiny Diaper Bank is asking local businesses to become a Baby Bottle Sponsor through the holidays.  We will bring in a large water bottle along with baby bottles for your staff, employees, and friends.  For a two week period the baby bottle sponsors that have taken a bottle collect change an bring it back to the office to fill the water bottle.  At the end of two weeks the water bottle is picked up and the change is counted.  
As a business/organization sponsor to Destiny Diaper Bank, your business/organization will be included in all newsletter, and media publications.  You will also be listed on our web site. 
You can help Destiny Diaper Bank to make a difference in the lives of many fragile & vulnerable families in our community.  Hundreds of moms, caregivers of "special needs" children, adults & seniors, that we help each month do not have a safety- net shelter or organization that helps these families with the diaper supplies that they need. Diaper assistance cannot be obtained through Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, or Medicare in most situations.  Many families rely on Destiny Diaper Bank for assistance each month for the supplies that they need.
Some of the people we serve:

Student Moms - "Help Keep A Mom In School" distributing diapers each month to our local student moms who have 80% attendance each month.
 Working Moms - Help our working moms that are low income
Special Needs  between the ages of 4-20
Veterans Active Military
First Response Officers
Adults & Elderly

Business Baby Bottle Sponsors

Lehigh Community Services , 201 Plaza Drive, Suite 3, Lehigh Acres, 33936 (Rae Nicely)
For more information contact Rebecca or call 239-288-6209.


Drop off locations for diapers

L.A. Insurance
802 Lee Blvd #2
Lehigh Acres, FL
(239) 369-6000

Re/Max Realty Team  Ask for JT
2326 Del Prado Blvd
Cape Coral, FL
(239) 242-2000

Destiny Reward Center
3660 Central Ave. Bldg. #5
Ft. Myers, Fl. 33901

Lehigh Community Service

201 Plaza Drive

Lehigh Acres, Fl. 33936


Destiny Mobile Diaper Bank

First Tuesday of each month - Lehigh Acres

First Monday of each month - Naples

If  you are looking for adult diapers/incontinent supplies and would like to receive your supplies in

+ your local city,  call 239-288-6209 Tuesday - Friday 10-3 to pre-register for assistance. 

If you need a friend or family member to pick up your supplies, please let us know.


  •  Resident - proof of local distribution city residence with photo ID
  • Proof of low income - Medicaid, Food Stamp, or Access verification letter
  • Referral from healthcare provider

Destiny Diaper Bank Donation

                                                                                                100 + Women Who Care of Southwest Florida

                                                                                                    Sheila Gea,     Rebecca Hines (Destiny Diaper Bank),     Barbara Wolfort

I got the call in April from Nancy Tedros (President of Keiser University) saying that she submitted our information about our cause here at Destiny Diaper Bank.  She did a wonderful job because we were the selected charity of the month.

What does this mean?  I really did not have any idea and after I googled their organization, I still think I needed to be pinched that this could really happen.

On their flyer - giving together to make a difference in our community and a difference they have made.  We have such a small budget that this kind of donation really goes a long way, especially since we do not have paid staff that could take the entire donation just for one month of payroll.

Since this presentation, several other checks have come in, so the amount has grown.  We will still be receiving additional funds from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation (founder of Best Buy).  They will double match the donations of new members, so with $100. new member donation, they will send us and additional $200.00.  It is possible that we are looking at an additional $7,000. 

With just starting our Mobile Diaper Bank and Mobile Mom's Reward Center, this money was needed.  To begin with, we were driving with a flat tire and a great need for brakes on our truck that will be used for driving great distances to supply needed diapers and supplies to our families living in rural areas of Southwest Florida.

Thank you 100 + Women Who Care of Southwest Florida,  You have truly set you heart in action to change a lot of lives.  We promise to make every dollar work for your efforts.

How it works:

When they meet -

  • 1 hour
  • 3 times a year
  • 3 presentations of charities
  • 10 minute presentation about charity
  • $100.00 donation from each member
  • 100% of donations go to chosen charity.