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We need help with diaper drives.

Thank you - All "U" Need Pest Control, Inc. for taking care of our unwanted visitor at the Rewards Center in Ft. Myers.
Pests are not only annoying—they can pose serious health and property risks. They hide in the deepest recesses of your home and are difficult to control with standard, do-it-yourself products. We focus on treating pests where they live and breed…inside and out, year-round. Our 4 stop process helps prevent and keep away these unwanted visitors. See our 4 step process and give us a call to learn more. "U" Need Pest Control, Inc.

Please call Kim at 239-424-8742 for any services that are needed to take care of all un-invited pests or critters

​We need donations of clothing, shoes, purses, hygene supplies along with adult incontinence products especially larger sizes XXL & XXXL.   Please contact Rebecca for times and places for dropping off your donations. 239-910-8198.

Become a volunteer

  • Volunteers are always welcome at Destiny Diaper Bank. Just a few hours a month can create a meaningful impact in our organization. Use the Contact Us section to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

​Get Involved

  • We are seeking individuals who share our same passion for this organization's mission. Help us spread the word to others about what we do, create and share new ideas, advocate for those who we are assisting. 


  • While most of our  incontinent supplies are donated, with monitary dontions, Destiny Diaper Bank can purchase needed specific sizes that are needed.  Our cost through direct manufacture wholesale cost saves.  Please consider a financial contribution to Destiny Diaper Bank..