Mission Statement

Destiny Diaper Bank's mission is to bring awareness of diaper deprivation to Veterans and Seniors and their need for incontinent supplies through the promotion of education and encouraging volunteerism, while also bringing quality of life and freedom  to our most fragile and vulnerable populations.

Veterans & Seniors

Our most fragile & vulnerable populations 


is more important

than your family!

We need financial help.  Due to the loss of our thrift store resource we are in need of your financial help.  Please send your best donation to

Destiny Diaper Bank

3660 Central Ave., Bldg 5

Ft. Myers, Fl.  33901

Did you know that Destiny Diaper Bank is the ONLY Diaper Bank in Florida that is an Adult Diaper Bank?

Destiny Ministries of Southwest Florida, Inc. DBA Destiny Diaper Bank is a 501 c 3 non-profit charity.  We are NOT a church nor are we associated or affiliated with a church or any other religious organization.   Destiny Diaper Bank is also not affiliated with Destiny Diaper Bank in Texas.  They used our name and logo to promote their cause.  We have had some churches hold diaper drives for us, but we do not receive funding, gifts, or any support from any specific church, government funds, state funds, or specific religious organization.  There has been some concern about this because we are Destiny Ministries of Southwest Florida, Inc..  My husband Jack Hines and myself, Rebecca Hines are both Spirit Filled, Non-Denominational, Conservative, Patriotic, Christians. We attend a local church but do not discriminate against anyone that does not believe the way we believe.  We do not insist nor have we ever insisted that anyone attends a church in order to receive any items that we have to distribute.  God gave me this vision several years ago.  He asked me to help His people and show them His love.  Every day I pray that I can be the best that He wants me to be and continue to walk in His Grace and favor.

Destiny Diaper Bank, like many that have come through the storm have taken a look at all that has happened.  We, are looking to a better future with better decisions.  Although we have distributed over 3 million diapers, countless baby clothing, beds, blankets, bottles, and toys over the past 11 years, we believe that it is time to re-focus our help.  As many of you know we have been helping student moms in 7 schools, with also help to veterans, first response officers, special needs children, adults and elderly.  Our new focus will be on our Veterans and Senior population.  They are the forgotten group of fragile and vulnerable population that need incontinence supplies.  This past year our distribution has seen more of a need with adult incontinence supplies that has encouraged Destiny Mobile Diaper Bank to locate ourselves in 4 locations.  Because of the need and a very generous donation in September of 54,800 adult diapers, we will be able to open more mobile diaper locations across our area.  We are presently in need of funding to make this happen.  Our space is too small and needs to grow.


Destiny Diaper Bank's goal is to see that quality of life and freedom is given to all Veterans or Seniors in need of incontinence supplies and that no one in need goes without.

Bringing freedom and quality of life, one diaper at a time.