BABY Sponsors

Destiny Diaper Bank is looking for baby sponsors.  What is a baby sponsor?  A baby sponsor is someone who helps to sponsor a local baby each month with needed baby supplies such as diapers, wipes, bottles, blankets, strollers, car seats, high chairs, and other needed baby items.  Our local babies have mommies that are in need of help.  Their mommies are in school trying to complete their education or working to help provide for their babies.  The baby mommies are hard at work trying to do their best but at times it seems inpossible.  The cost of diapers, day care, and just living seems to get in the way and it sometimes looks easier to drop out of school or quit work and go on welfare. 

The facts are that diapers cannot be obtained through Food Stamps, or WIC and the cost can be overwhelming each month.  One in three moms cannot afford diapers and at times have been known to empty the solid in a diaper and replace a wet diapers just to stretch out the use.  Babies sitting in a wet diaper are more likely to suffer diaper rashes that can lead to health risks and abuse from a challenged caretaker who does not have the patience to help a crying baby.

Become a BABY Sponsor and help these babies to have a dry bottom  and a happier life.   For $50.00 a month Destiny Diaper Bank can supply a baby with diapers, wipes, clothing, and other needed baby items for one month.  These diapers are distributed to student moms and working moms with proof of WIC.  Each mom must have a sponsor funding for her to receive assistance each month. 

Please consider becoming a baby sponsor. 

Destiny Diaper Bank is a 501 c 3 non profit charity.  Your donation may be a tax deduction.  You can mail a check to Destiny Diaper Bank, 3677 Central Ave. Unit A, Ft. Myers, Fl. 33901 or donate on our contact page.   For more information call 239-288-6209.

Mission Statement

Destiny Diaper Bank's mission is to bring awareness to diaper deprivation and the need for diapers & incontinent supplies.  Through the promotion of education and encouraging volunteerism, a generation can be changed, while also bringing quality of life to our most fragile and vulnerable populations.

About Us

My husband Jack and I met 35 years ago at 1st Assembly of God here in Ft. Myers.

I came to Florida as a divorced single mom of two boys trying to make ends meet while working as an OR Tech. at Lee Memorial Hospital.

Jack had recently gone through a divorce securing custody of his 5 children.

Two weeks after meeting, Jack asked me to marry him.  Two months later we were married, with 7 children under the age of 7 years.

Jack soon realized he had a lot of mouths to feed and started his own painting business.  For the next 30 years, Brother's Painting provided for this large family of 10.  A son was born to us 6 years after becoming married. 
I came from a small town in Illinois (300 people).  Jack grew up outside Buffalo, N.Y.  (Bill's Fan)

So, city boy meets farm girl and 35 years later here we are.

We have seen our share of ups and downs.  In 1994, Jonathan ( oldest son) was attending Zion Bible College in Providence RI.  We received a call that he had passed away.  His aorta  burst. Just like that our lives were never the same.

Because of our relationship with God, we have been able to recover but never be the same.  There is always a plan and it is always good.  Sometimes we just can't see it, but it is OK.

Because of Jack's hard work in the painting business I have been privileged to be free to work in a lot of activities - giving into our community.

  • Organizing a Christian Business Expo raising over $10,000 for an Assembly of God orphanage
  • Organizing  a Citizen's For Excellence organization with 13 chapters in SWFL
  • Assisting  with all event functions at Nation's Association
  • Operational manager for Church On The Rock (Rockwall, Tx. ) food bank feeding over 7,000 a month.
  • President of Ft. Myers, Women's Aglow Light house

I have been able to stay busy.

Eight years ago, I actually ran out of things to do and that is when I had the idea for Destiny Ministries of Southwest Florida,  Inc.   I did the research on becoming a 501 c 3 non profit charity and after about a year our charity received its official status as a non profit charity.   We began as a women's group meeting on Saturdays for breakfast.  Not long after that I realized the need for diapers in our area and started Destiny Diaper Bank. 

At that time a public relations company - Ogilvie PR. contacted me about coming up to Chicago to share information about what we were doing.  Myself, along with 9 other diaper banks attended our first diaper summit.  We were awarded 300K diapers for our information.

Those diapers have been long gone.  We at that time had 5 distribution sites giving out almost 3,000 diapers a day.

During the last couple years we have had to re-group.  We do not have the large supply of diapers like we once did.  We need help from the community

  • One in three moms do not have the funds to be able to provide a clean change of diapers for her baby.

  • Diapers cannot be obtained from Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, or Medicare.

  • Some moms have had to dump out the soiled parts in a diaper and replace a wet diaper on their baby; increase the chance for disease

  • Some adults cannot afford diapers (incontinent supplies) thus sitting in wet or soiled diapers the entire day, increasing risk for disease and even death.

Our future is bright.  We have several events planned for the Fall of 2015 and we will soon be registering our 2015 - 2016 student moms. 

Some of our plans include Destiny Student Mom Center where our student moms will be able to participate in several opportunities that will benefit their future personally and successfully through education.

They will have mentoring, and also time with their own peers.

The future is bright.  Come along with us and be  apart of making it happen!

Call 239-288-6209 Rebecca for more information.

Destiny Diaper Bank Warehouse

Our 1200 sq. ft.  warehouse in Lehigh Acres  at 5583 Lee Street Unit #4, 33971 houses our infant disposable diapers, adult incontinent supplies/diapers, and inventory of items that are used for distribution and events.

We are looking to upgrade this space with shelving units to hold  the disposable diapers.

I found the shelves that we need at Costco

$89.00 each.  Please consider this purchase.

If you would be interested in helping with this need please call me at 239-910-8198


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You are invited to visit Destiny Diaper Bank "Rewards Center" at 3677 Central Ave. "A", Ft. Myers, Fl. 33901.  This center is in a great new location with easy access for distribution of disposable diapers to those we serve.  Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday 10-4  & Sat. 10-2

Please consider dropping off your donations of clothing, diapers, incontinent supplies and baby items at our new location.  For more information call 239-288-6209  or email

Sheriff, Police, Fire, & Rescue.  

First Response Officers

Adults & Seniors

Our most fragile & vulnerable populations Ages 21 - 101

Thank you for serving our country. It is our privilege to serve you.


Military & Veterans

Encouraging and supporting student moms & working single moms.

Serving the whole family. Changing a generation and bringing quality of life, one diaper at a time!


is more important

than your family!

Mom's University