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Rachel LeBlanc

Service Coordinator

Ft Myers Presbyterian Community
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Our adults & seniors are some of our most fragile and vulnerable people that we serve.  It is difficult to imagine your parents in a health situation depending on these supplies and not being able to purchase them.   Their expenses for incontinent supplies can cost them around $200. - $300. a month. I have heard from some that they have had to choose between food and incontinent supplies at times when their need has increased due to health challenges.   Most of our adults and seniors depend on Destiny Diaper Bank for their supplies each month.

Adults & Seniors

Each day our first response officers, (sheriff, police, fire, & rescue) lay their lives down to protect our community.  DDB believes in giving back to those who serve. Each month you are invited to receive a package of disposable infant diapers, & baby food.   Thank you for what you do each day to keep us safe.

DDB honors our active military and veterans for their service to our country.  Thank  you for serving.  We are here to assist you and offset your expenses for infant disposable diapers, clothing, and baby food.

Thank you for allowing us to give back to you.


Mom University locations

First Response Officers

Mom's University

 Working Moms

Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, N. Ft. Myers:

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Student moms with proof of WIC that are enrolled and attending an educational facility with 80% attendance each month may apply for assistance with diapers and other baby items.  If approved, they will receive diapers,wipes, and other needed baby items each month.  They will also be invited to attend one of our Mom University programs to receive diapers each week..

Working moms, working 35 hours a week,  on WIC may apply for assistance.  If approved, they will receive diapers, wipes, each month and also be invited to attend one of our Mom University programs to receive diapers each week..

Our moms are invited to attend one of our Mom University programs in their area where they will have a chance to hear from professionals  encouraging future success through education.  At Mom's University programs  they are given diapers, wipes, clothing, and an opportunity to earn "baby bucks" through our incentive program that rewards our  moms for attendance at school or work,  personal accomplishments, and volunteering.  The "baby bucks" are the same as cash and can be used at our rewards center  for such needed items as strollers, beds, car seats, high chairs, and other necessary baby items.

Throughout the year the earned points for each mom will be consolidated to find the TOP Mom of each county that we serve.  Her examples of hard work and discipline will be awarded greatly.

Active Military & Veterans

Student Moms

Serving the whole family. Changing a generation and bringing quality of life, one diaper at a time!